Patti Tolley Parrish famous Rose Gold made with Kremer Pigments & medium.  Patti has allowed me to sell her specially formulated Rose Gold Watercolor.  


Kremer Pigments are from Germany and these are Artisit grade watercolors.  They are a bit more expensive because of the rich pigments.  


Made with Kremer Medium:  gum arabic, honey and glycerin


International Shipping:  It's very expensive but if you're willing to pay the shipping I'm happy to send it~

Canada $10.00

Australia & Europe $14.50 New Zealand $13.75


If your international and okay with me scoping the watercolor out of the pan and spreading it out so it will lie flat in an envelope I can send it for $3.00 shipping.  When you get it you can scrap it back into a 1/2 pan.  Any questions I can send you photo of what I mean.  [email protected]

PTP Rose Gold Watercolor ~1/2 pan